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Your vote is critical in this election year! Every vote will count! Your community and country are depending on you to make thoughtful choices.  


I am seeking your support for Family Court in Clark County, Department X – as in “X marks the spot.”  It is imperative that we elect reasonable, ethical, and experienced Family Law Practitioners to Family Court.  As a Combat Veteran, Experienced Litigator, Hearing Master, and Published Author in family law matters, I meet all these standards.


On November’s ballot, you will choose 58 District Court Judges! Unfortunately, many candidates have little or no experience.  Why does experience matter?  "Because your family matters!" Learn more about me on my biography page.


Also, please be sure to register to vote, and if you have already done so, please check to make sure your information is correct with Voter Services.


I understand the responsibility that comes with being a Family Court Judge.  I will be ready on Day One.



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